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Recharging Your Window Unit

Posted - 05/06/2013

If you have noticed that your older window unit air conditioner is not blowing air that is as cold as it once was, there may be a problem with the level of refrigerant. You can recharge it using a refrigerant replacement kit.

Once you have purchased a kit from your local hardware store, take the unit out of the window, and put it on the floor or a workbench.

Unscrew the fasteners that keep the case on the air conditioner, and remove the case. Inspect the compressor and the associated hoses. You will need to use the larger hose for recharging.

Attach the larger of the two connectors from the kit to the large hose, and attach the smaller one to the small hose.

Plug in the air conditioner, and turn it on using the highest cool setting. This will allow the refrigerant to flow.

Continue to charge the air conditioner until you have emptied the refrigerant can from the kit.

Turn off the unit, and unplug it. Remove the valves from the hoses, and replace the unit’s casing.

Put the unit back into the window, and plug it in.

If the unit continues to lose refrigerant, it may need to be professionally repaired. For expert air conditioner repair service, contact The Bellaire AC Repair Company today.
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